MARKING HEADS designed for universal mount and integration into Automated Production environments

Integrator Series Dot Peen Marking Heads
Marksman by Millennium Signatures offers an extensive range of durable universal mount marking heads ideal for integration in to Automated Production cells.

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., has been distributing and integrating Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems since they were first introduced to the marketplace in 1987. There are three (3) principle configurations which this technology is common supplied, Stand-Alone Bench Top, Hand-Held Portable (Bluetooth) and Compact Universal Mount (Integrator Series) Marking Heads commonly used for integration into Automated Production Cells and Assembly Lines.

To focus on the Integrator Series models initially, these marking heads have many features including, Compact Side and Versatile Mounting Options, High Quality Protective Shielding, Compact Mini Controllers that also have external communication via RS-232, Serial, USB and Removable Read/Write SD Card. These systems are available in Precision Reinforced Cog Belt Driven designs or the Ultra Precise and Robust Ball Screw Design.

Our Pin Marking Head Technology is capable of marking upwards of 5 characters per second or more with perfect character generation, crisp clean marking even down as small as 0.040″ or 1.0mm. The repeat ability of these systems is extraordinary. They are very reliable and surprisingly cost effective. There are no real consumables, the Solid Tungsten Carbide tips are even very effective on hardened materials such as 62 Rockwell C and harder and go months or years without requiring replacement depending on your application and the volume of parts being processed.

These systems can be mounted in any orientation and have a long proven track record for being able to mark continuously in production environments with a very low rate of failure. The systems are also stand-alone if you wish for the ability to operate this equipment without the need for a computer or network connection.

All of our systems are capable of marking TEXT using different fonts, GRAPHICS, Linear and 2 Dimensional BAR CODES, Variable Text, Serial Numbers, Date & Shift Codes. These systems are well constructed, no castings, no plastics. Precision machined components engineered to last. Contact our Technical Sales Team for more information, literature, video footage, pricing or arrange an demonstration. You can reach our technicians directly at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at