Have you ever considered outsourcing your part marking? What if you could get you parts turned around very quickly and marked to specification by Part Marking Specialists using the corresponding process/technology with a fixed cost per part?
It’s completely possible and is part of the everyday activity at Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc.
We have hundreds of clients who sent in both simple and very challenging part marking requirements from all over North America who just want their parts done right, using the best technology and love our service.
We can process a couple parts or we can process thousands of parts. There is no job too big or too small. 
We can do Rotary Application work (Circumferential Marking) we can accommodate almost any material. We are very accustomed to working with Aerospace, Nuclear and Military Marking Specifications. Contact our Part Marking Specialists today via our general inquiry line at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at


Custom Laser Sintering
Custom Laser Sintering for High Durability Metal Signs and Nameplates

Millennium Signatures’ unique Laser Sintering process is ideal for producing high quality Metal Signs & Nameplates with incredible durability to a marking depth of 0.004″. Very similar in quality to our Photo-Resist Etch & Fill Process but far more cost effective for low volume requirements. Even 1 and 2 piece orders are very cost effective. This unique Millennium Signatures process of Laser Engraving into Stainless Steel or Aluminum with a High Powered, High Precision Galvo Laser while at the same time using the heat to permanently bond a Black Ceramic agent into the cavity. This produces extremely durable plates that are popular with manufacturers of Pressure Vessels, Valves, Oil & Gas Products and Large Fabrications exposed to harsh conditions among others…

Contact the Technical Sales Team at Millennium Signatures Marking Systems today for more information.
T: (905) 639-0909

Facilities in Buffalo, New York and Burlington, Ontario Canada


Integration Lasers
Scorpion and Vereo Lasers designed for integration into various applications

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., is the exclusive Canadian Distribution and Technical Field Support Team for TYKMA Electrox in Canada.  Millennium Signatures supplies both the Scorpion Series Lasers as well as the Vereo Series Integration Lasers.  This diverse range of Galvo Driven Laser Marking Technology can be used within a number of our standard Class I Marking Enclosures as a completely contained system or used as part of a custom integration into an Assembly Line or as part of an Automated Production Cell.  These Lasers are offered in a range of power outputs including:  10-Watt, 20-Watt, 50-Watt, 70-Watt and 100-Watt in the Yttrium Fibre configuration. We also offer a 30-Watt Galvo Driven CO2 Laser called the Razor. 

We offer presently offer two (2) different Software Platforms known as ” Scriba” and “Minilase Pro SE” which are both packed with capability, but different and appeal to different users. The Minilase Pro SE software is the platform used with the Vereo and Minilase system designs and the Scriba software is the platform used to drive Scorpion Series systems. 

 If you are looking for a complete CDRH Class I solution, we have a very   capable range of systems available from our smaller Minilase Bench Top Systems to our Minilase XL and Zetalase models. For larger, heavier part processing we have the EMS Series Systems which are multi-axis system designs which easily accommodate Lasers of all sizes.  

In addition to being able to accommodate larger parts, the EMS-400 and the Zetalase XL systems offer much larger marking fields including 200mm x 200mm without and programmables stages or other manipulation of the part. 

For more information on these systems as well as a lot of customized hardware and software solutions we can offer, contact our Technical Sales Team at 905-639-0909 or by e-mail at


Laser Image with QR CodeQR Code Scanning Apps are available for FREE in the Apps store.
We recommend an app by I-NIGMA for your smartphone.

Interested in seeing the latest full colour brochure for standard
TYKMA Electrox product available through Millennium Signatures right now? Use your smart phone to scan the QR Code in the attached picture and instantly have all 24 pages of the 2016 brochure in the full High Resolution PDF format. You can send it to colleagues or have it printed in seconds!

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. has over 30 Years experience with Galvo Driven Laser Marking and Engraving Technologies. Systems available in Class I and Class IV configurations and available in a range of wattage’s and field sizes. Check ot the NEW ZetaLase XLT which offers sharp, crisp high speed engraving to depths beyond 0.005″ in steel efficiently and offers a field size of 600mm x 600mm without any motion such as Precision Programmable Stages or X/Y Tables.

For more information contact Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. at phone at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at


Millennium Signatures Technicians

Millennium Signatures will be at the IMTS Show at the McCormick Place facilities in Chicago this September 12th through 17th representing our Marksman Series Dot Peen Marking Products and our TYKMA Electrox Galvo Laser Marking Systems line.

If you are interested in seeing the latest products from either of these exciting lines, it’s encouraged that you contact our offices before the show and we will make sure to schedule a time to meet with you one-on-one to view the product(s) you’re interested in seeing and get you the answers you looking for.
Jeff Guenther along with Vjeko Luburic (Technical Sales) will be transversing between our two booths at the show and do not want to miss the opportunity to meet with you.

Millennium Signatures suppliers of:

  • Electro-Chemical Etching Equipment, Accessories & Supplies
  • Galvo Driven Laser Marking Systems & Automated Integrations
  • Air Vibro Engraving Pens
  • Industrial Marking Inks & Solvents
  • Computerized Dot Peen Markers
  • Custom Cut Stencils – All materials
  • Custom Part Marking Services
  • Custom Engraved Steel Stamps
  • Circumferential Marking Solutions
  • Linear & 2D Barcoding Systems
  • 2D and 3D Engraving
  • Pad Printing Services
  • Custom Rubber Stamps

Give us a call (905) 639-0909 or e-mail us at and let us know you plan to attend. We look forward to seeing you there.



It’s been 26 Years!
Saturday August 6th marked the start of my 27th year in business as a specialists in Product Identification and Traceability. Starting with the base of all those processes once popular such as Custom Engraved Steel Stamps and Dies, Roll Marking, Numbering Heads, Direct and Offset Printing Technologies and the tried and true Electro-Chemical Etching process, I went on the work with the development of today’s staple product traceability processes including Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems (which I first started working with back in 1987), Various NEW Nameplate and Custom Label Technologies, Barcode Technologies including Linear, 2D, QR and UID Codes and an extra special emphasis on Galvo Driven Laser Marking Equipment, Applications and Integration.

Over this past 26 Years, my team and I have implemented product marking and traceability solutions for an incredibly diverse range of applications around the world including everything from Medical /Surgical (Instrument & Implant) applications, to Food Processing, Automotive, Aerospace, Nuclear, Oil & Gas Exploration, Weapons Manufacturing and hundreds upon hundreds of unique specialty manufacturing applications which do not easily fit into any typical product designation.

Today, Millennium Signatures Marking Systems has a dynamic range of products and services designed to support the cutting edge technology of today’s Manufacturing Environment while still fully supporting the older tried and true processes of days past. In addition to our years of experience, application testing and integration capabilities we also provide the following services today:

Our full range of services include:

  • In-house artwork department and photo studio, working on both PC and MAC based platforms
  • Application Testing Facilities
  • Machine Readable Code Generation and Verification
  • Our Custom Inks Division provided very high quality Marking Inks used for virtually any type of in based Marking Application including high volume in-line marking requirements
  • Custom Marking Services uses all of the various products we sell combined with over 60 Years experience to provide the highest quality part marking results on your parts to your exact specifications for you with fast, efficient turn-around times.
  • Laser Marking System Repairs

Our full range of products include:

  • Laser Marking Systems

Chemical Etching Systems and Supplies including:

  • Electrolytes
  • Neutralizers
  • Stencil Papers
  • Stencil Imprinters
  • Marking Electrodes
  • Rust Protective Oils
  • Dot Peen Marking Systems and Accessories
  • Custom Formulated Marking Inks
  • Pad Printing Services
  • Custom Cut Stencils ( All materials)
  • Custom Nameplates & Poly Labels
  • Hand Held Vibro Marking Tools
  • Electric (Arc) Stressless Etching Systems & Accessories
  • Custom Engraved Hand Stamps and Steel Dies, Roll Dies, Steel Character Type (Inserts)
  • and more…

Thank-you to all the companies around the world that we deal with daily who have brought us their applications, challenged us with their unique requirements and allowed us to implement solutions for them. We owe all of our success to you!

We look forward to continuing our support of your applications in the years to come.

Thanks again!

Jeff A. Guenther
President / Owner
Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc.

T: (905) 639-0909

NEW Sign & Nameplate Technology



Millennium Signatures offers a unique NEW Technology called LASER SINTERING. It is particularly effective on Stainless Steel and Aluminum components and plates. Laser Sintering is now most commonly used in making durable high contrast, Signs, Plaques, ID Tags and Nameplates, Dataplates etc. This process can also be used for many Custom Part Marking Applications.

Laser Sintering essentially combines the high accuracy and efficiency of High Power Laser Marking with a special ceramic based coating that actually bakes itself into the cavity simultaneously as the high powered laser carves the image into the material with razor sharp precision.

It is ideal for very precise work such as Instrument Panels, Dials or Gauges and/or Plaques where the results need to be sharp crisp and black. Cosmetically it is a very impressive process, however it also stands up to even the harshest environments given the depth of the marking and the way the colour is actually embedded into the material using the intense heat of the laser.

The benefits of this process over the Deep Etch & Fill Process that has been more commonly used up until this point is that the Laser Sintering Process has proven to be a faster, sharper, less labour intensive process and is entirely computer controlled allowing for variable information to be easily changed from part to part. This process allows machine readable codes such as Linear, 2D Matrix and UID codes to be integrated into plate artwork and result in extremely high levels of readability.

The other strong benefit is that it is much more cost effective to produce low volumes and even singles by comparison. The only real drawback to this NEW process is that we are ONLY capable of producing a Deep Black imaging on the Natural, Brushed or Polished Finish material at this time. Unlike our Photo-Resist Deep Etch & Fill Process which uses an epoxy to fill the etched cavity. We are capable of using many different colours to in this process, in some cases we can even offer multiple colours as part of one image.

This NEW Technology has proven to provide exceptional results consistently and at lower prices than ever possible before and for these reasons we are proud to offer this process as a Millennium Signature Series Product.

Applications include:

  • Indoor / Outdoor signage
  • Dataplates for Transformers & Electrical Hardware
  • Dock Identification Plates for Yacht Clubs & Marinas
  • Instrument Panels
  • Electrical Panels
  • Awards

Benefits include:

  • Higher (more consistent) Contrast
  • Sharp Imaging
  • Greatly Reduced Lead Time
  • Significantly Lower Pricing

We have several other Sign and Nameplate Technologies, be sure to contact our Customer Support Team at (905) 639-0909 or for more information.