State-of-the-art laser equipment: GALVO DRIVEN LASER MARKING SYSTEMS

Millennium Signatures is pleased to announce that we are now equipped with even more state-of-the-art laser equipment allowing us to demonstrate the capabilities of our Galvo Driven Laser Marking Systems to those visiting our facility. Our Canadian Facility located in Burlington, Ontario is now equipped with a 20-Watt Minilase Manual Bench Top System (Class I Configuration), a 20-Watt Scorpion Rapide II ZEP Multi-waveform Z-Mode Laser (Class IV Configuration) and most recently the 50-Watt Scorpion Laser (Class IV Configuration). We have acquired this laser complete with a 160mm, 254mm and 350mm multi-element Flat Field Lens Assemblies to be able to demonstrate a wider range of capabilities and enhance the range of our Application Testing Services. The 50-Watt Laser will be capable of delivering the same ultra high quality marking we are known for with shorter cycle times and deeper marking results if required. Millennium Signatures is always investing in NEW equipment and the capability to service our clients with better efficiency.

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PART MARKING SPECIALISTS – Bring your challenging marking applications to us! SYSTEM SALES and PART MARKING SERVICES Available

Challenging Part Marking Applications
Incredible Service / Fast Turn-around. Bring us your challenging Part Marking Applications!


When you are faced with having to track a part and you need to get all the necessary information on the part, in the right location and have it clearly readable even after exposure to harsh environmental conditions and potentially many years into the future, Millennium Signatures Marking Systems are the specialists to consult.

With over 55 years experience in the Part Marking and Product Identification business, Millennium Signatures has a highly skilled team of Application Technicians who can take your part and learn your requirements and quickly recommend the best technology to use to accomplish this goal!

We have a very advanced Applications Lab equipped with everything from Hand-Held Air Vibro Etching Pens, Electro-Chemical Etching, Pad Printing, Scratch Marking Devices, TYKMA Electrox Galvo Driven Laser Marking Technology and our Marksman Series Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems among others, which will allow us to confirm the results on your parts and offer live demonstrations of the solutions we offer.

Millennium Signatures holds a large inventory of Equipment, Accessories and Supplies in stock at both our Burlington, Ontario Canada and Buffalo, New York USA facilities so that in most cases we can get you what you need very quickly!

Contact our Technical Sales Team today for more information on the dynamic range of products and services Millennium Signatures can assist your operation with today!

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QR Codes, 2D Matrix, UID Codes and of course traditional Linear Barcodes!

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. specializes in Marking Technologies that not only allow Human Readable information to be permanently and professionally marked on your parts, but also all the machine readable code symbologies that are now available...
Machine Readable Code Technology today is amazing! By scanning the QR Code shown below you will immediately be able to access all of my information. You will have my contact details, photograph company website and even a direct link to my Facebook and LinkedIn pages using your smart phone in a matter of just a few seconds.

You can download free apps to your phone which will scan this code right off your computer screen or a printed document.


A free download we strongly recommend from the app store is the  i-nigma QR Code Reader.

Now… Consider that Millennium Signatures can supply your company with the technology to Etch or Stamp these codes directly onto your products which when scanned can provide pages of detail such as Users Manuals, Specifications, Safety Instructions, MSDS Data or virtually any other data onto the computer screens or cell phones of the user that scans that code instantly!
Think the value of these codes is amazing on paper, imagine the value of one of these codes permanently etched using Galvo Driven Laser Technology right onto your metal or plastic components.
We also supply leading edge Computerized Dot Peen Stamping Technology which will provide a very durable 2D Code also.

Detailed data for a specific part that is always carried and accessible with that part at all times. Once this catches on it will be everywhere. It makes getting important data fast and reliable.

Contact Millennium Signatures and consult with our Technical Sales people to learn more about the capabilities of embedding extensive amounts of detailed information within a single 2D machine readable code etched permanently on your products.
We can provide you with both the Marking Equipment and the Scanning Technology and SHOW YOU HOW!
Its easy and works amazing!

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August 6th, 2015

It was 25 years ago today. I started out assisting in the effort to familiarize the manufacturing sector with the incredible capabilities of Galvo Driven Nd:YAG Lamp Pumped Laser Technology for Industrial Part Marking Applications. I custom integrated 50, 75, 100 and even 150-Watt Lasers into various different manufacturing environments one by one under the Canadian Laser Technologies label. 25 Years later the company has grown to become Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., a full service company specializing in Product Identification & Traceability Systems and Services. Today we offer a diverse range of products which still include the latest in Fibre Laser Marking Technology surrounded by several other technologies including:

  • Electro-Chemical Etching
  • Computerized Dot Peen Marking
  • Electric Etch/Scribe
  • Vibro Etch

plus a range of Products & Services such as specialty Marking Inks, custom made Signs, Nameplates and Labels. we have unique services such as our Laser Sintering process and our Custom Parts Marking Services facility. Its hard to believe its been 25 years, but its a great feeling to look back at the growth of the various technologies and reflect upon the thousands of applications we have had a hand in developing. Over the past 25 years we have supplied solutions to assist in the manufacturing process of Aircraft Components, Parts for Nuclear Power Production, Medical & Surgical Instruments and hundreds upon hundreds of unique and interesting custom projects up to and including signage for high-end Fashion Designers and even Hollywood Movie props.

To all of our customers, old and new we thank-you for your support and the opportunity to work on new products and processes with you.

Galvo Driven Laser Marking Technology – How much does it cost?

Electrox FleXYZ System
Electrox FleXYZ System

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., specializes in various methods of product identification including Electro-Chemical Etching, Impact Stamping, Computerized Dot Peen Marking, Custom Formulated Inks & Solvents for Direct & Offset Printing, Tags & Nameplates, Vibro Etching and more, but our focus since the late 1980’s have been on our Laser Marking Systems.  Formerly manufacturing and integrating our own systems as Canadian Laser Technologies and for several years now we have worked exclusively with Electrox Laser as an exclusive Canadian Distributor and Full Service Field Support represenative. We have our own in-house applications lab and we have a number of technicians on staff that have a very advanced level of knowledge about Lasers, their applications and how to troubleshoot and repair such equipment.

There is no doubt about two things when it comes to the Galvo Driven Laser Marking Process, Firstly, it is undoubtedly the most versatile and efficient method of marking in existence and secondly, it has become considerably more affordable over the past 5-10 years.  The one question our Customer Care Center answers daily is “How much does it cost to get into this type of technology?“.  The purpose of this blog is to break the pricing down into some basic budgetary figures so you know roughly what you should expect when buying this type of Technology in Canada.

Base Laser System
Base Laser System






The answer is simply $30,000.00 Canadian Dollars at the entry level and as much as $60,000.00+ depending on numerous factors including additional features and automation often required for material handling purposes.

To start with the very most basic Galvo Driven Laser Marking System we offer, it be an initial investment of approximately $30,000.00 Canadian Dollars.  This would consist of our Raptor I (5-Watt) Nd:YV04 Laser Marker complete with Latest Version “Scriba” Operating Software and a 163mm Field Lens which would provide you with a marking field of 4.72″ X 4.72″ Square or 5.51 diameter round and a working distance of 7.24″ which represents the distance that would be needed between the output optic of the laser and the marking surface of the part.  Keeping with this same basic configuration, the lasers get more powerful and are designed with different optical combinations and features that will give different marking results.  Pricing for the Lasers themselves can span upwards of $50,000.00 Canadian Dollars.  This is technically everything you would need along with a pair of 1064nm – OD:6 Laser Safety Glasses and a PC to start marking parts with with incredible speed and precision.  However, this would be considered a Class IV System and it is not suitable for many situations do to the visual safety of others in the vicinity.

EMS-200 Workstation (Medium)
EMS-200 Workstation (Medium)








Most Laser Markers today are sold systems which include a workstation or protective marking enclosure which meets Class I certification and protects both the operator and those working within direct visual range of the laser marking process. Marking enclosures these days provide a lot more than just visual protection from the process, they also provide tooling plates, fume extraction ports, built-in lighting, Manual or Programmable Power Z-Axis for focal height adjustment and built-in push button control among others.  These Marking enclosures come in a range of sizes and features and can be built custom to suit your unique applications as well. These marking enclosures start at as little $3,000.00 Canadian Dollars and can be as much as $15,000.00 Canadian Dollars depending on the model and features you request. These rough budgetary numbers are based around our standard product line and does not reflect custom design & built or modified workstations which can be more expensive and are quoted independently once all the parameters are known. The EMS-100 is the small entry level member of the family and is fairly basic with a manual door and viewing window.  The EMS-200 is the medium sized member of the series and it has a unique 3-sided pneumatic door assembly and Programmable Power Z-Axis Lift for the laser (as pictured above).  The EMS-300 is the largest of the non-custom enclosures we provide and it also is equipped with a Pneumatic Door Assembly, Power Programmable Z-Axis along with the capacity for larger parts and the ability to enclose a 300mm Precision Programmable X/Y Axis Table assembly.


Once you have a Laser and potentially a Marking Enclosure you may be in need of additional features such as Linear Shuttles, Rotary Indexing Tables, Precision Programmable X/Y Tables and Rotary Attachments etc., allowing full circumferential marking to be done.  These features may be required to increase throughput or manipulate some products allowing them to be marked as needed. We do provide Custom Turn-Key Automated Solutions, but they are difficult to value without knowing the specifics of the application, however we do have a number of standard off the shelf extras such as our ZD-30 or ZD-80 Plug & Play Rotary Attachments for Circumferential Marking and our 300mm X/Y Table (XE Model) Precision programmable X/Y Axis Table Assembly. If these items might be required for your application, it would be advised that you need to calculate in approximately $4000.00 Canadian Dollars for the Circumferential Marking Capability and at least $20,000.00 Canadian Dollars for the High Precision Plug & Play Programmable X/Y Table capability. There are more than one model of Rotary Axis and more than one model of Programmable X/Y Axis Table available as there are varying levels of capacity, speed and precision, but the figures provided are meant only as a guideline to provide you with a concept of what the system you figure you require might cost.

There are many other options available such as Multi-Position Rotary Indexing Tables, Conveyor Systems, Pick & Place, Robotics and more than we can provide as a turn-key solution, but a full evaluation of what specifically will be required needs to be done before we can accurately provide any pricing.


It was not all that long ago that Laser Marking Systems relied on water as their form of cooling and maintenance was a priority.  There was a water system to maintain which included water to change, filters to replace, periodic leaks and plenty of cleaning to keep the systems running efficiently.  In addition to the cooling aspect of these system, lamp pump systems required lamps to be changed a few times per year depending on use.  There was periodic alignment and tuning of the optical rail that was needed to power.  They were still far ahead of any other marking technology in terms of capability and efficiency, but there was still much to consider once you made the initial purchase.  Today, things are very different.  The Electrox Line of  lasers are air cooled and very compact.  They are virtually maintenance free for the life of the source.  These lasers are very different from the lasers of just 5 to 10 years ago.  The technology has really advanced and Millennium Signatures and Electrox has made owning these systems effortless.  It is all about the initial investment, the cost of owning and maintaining this equipment  is extremely low.  Once you have the system installed and start operating, the system operates very efficiently on a 110V circuit and required nothing else.  Some of the Marking Enclosures such as the EMS-200 and EMS-300 do have pneumatic door assemblies with open and close automatically requiring compressed air to be available, but otherwise no additional requirements.

Estimated life expectancy of the laser source is 50,000 hours.


Standard warranty on Electrox built Laser Marking Systems & Accessories is as follows: 3 Years on the Laser Source – 2 Years on the Electronics

On-site Laser Service
On-site Laser Service






Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., is equipped with fully trained technicians and the diagnostic equipment to repair your laser system on-site.  Millennium Signatures has an extensive back ground working with Nd:YAG, CO2, Lamp Pumped, Diode Pumped, Nd:YV04 and Fibre Lasers and maintains an inventory of parts in-house at our Canadian Service Center located in Burlington, Ontario Canada.  Furthermore, Millennium Signatures is backed by the Electrox Laser Network.  Electrox a part of the 600 Group has installations around the world and a strong presence in the USA.  Millennium Signatures serves as exclusive distribution and full technical support services throughout Canada.

For more information on our systems and services, please contact our Technical Sales Team at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at