Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., of Buffalo NY USA  and Burlington ON Canada  is the Head Sales and Technical Support operations for the Marksman Series Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems throughout Canada, The United States and Mexico. We maintain a huge inventory of all three system configurations including our Bench Top, Hand-Held Portable and Compact Universal Mount (Integrator Series) Marking Heads and Mini-Controllers. We have a large inventory of all replacement parts and a great temporary swap out program for this situations when being down is NOT an option!
Dot Peen Marking or Pin Marking as it’s often referred to is one of the most common, versatile and cost effective methods of marking in today’s manufacturing world. Highly effective on most Metal and Plastic components, Marksman’s Dot Peen Technology offers incredibly good cost of ownership over almost any other Marking Technology. The robust Tungsten Carbide Stylii that are available last and last without need for sharpening or replacement often times for many years. These systems will take computer keyboard entry or Barcode Scanner input and allow you to easily create layouts consisting of alfa-numeric text, graphics and 2D codes and permanently and professionally put them onto your parts at high speeds and with great repeatability and reliability.
Average marking depths on metal components is 0.004″ to 0.008″ but this can be controlled and varies from material to material. All of our systems are stand-alone meaning you do not require a PC on hand to operate, but they also come with a complimentary linking software that allows full control of the market through a PC if desired.

Additional features include:

  • Read/Write Removable SD Card
  • Serial Port for RS-232 Communication
  • USB Port for Flash Drive
  • 999 Layout internal memory
  • 2D Code Generator
  • Graphics Generation Software
  • Ethernet Port Communication

The Model MK-250 / 200BN Large Field Plate Marking System c/w Ball Screw Driven Precision

The MK-250mm X 250mm Bench Top Dot Peen Marker is ideal for Populating Nameplates

MARKING NAMEPLATES has never been faster, easier or more cost effective!
Millennium Signatures has a very diverse line of Marksman Series Computerized Dot Peen Marking (Pin Marking) Systems for every application, but our Model MK-250 is dynamic when it comes to populating variable data on NAMEPLATES! The MK-250 is a Ball Screw Driven Design with a very large Marking area of 250mm x 250mm which is particularly versatile for marking a wide range of common nameplates of various materials. The MK-250 does mark component parts with considerable ease and precision also which often helps justify this equipment should your volume of nameplate Marking alone not be too high.
These systems will provide precision formed characters to a depth of at least 0.004″ in almost any material including hardened steel. The system is also very effective when marking plastics.
All of the Marksman Series Markers will provide precision formed characters of whatever size you choose permanently into your material at speeds of 5 characters per second. All our systems will also provide alpha-numeric text in different fonts, symbols, graphics (logo art) and 2D Barcodes of various industry specifications which verify with incredibly high readability.

For more information on Millennium Signatures MARKSMAN Series Dot Peen Marking Technology contact our Head Office by phone at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at

Full service facilities located in Burlington, Ontario, CANADA and Buffalo NY, USA

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1550 Yorkton Court Facility

Unit #12 located at 1550 Yorkton Court – Burlington, Ontario CANADA L7P 5B7

Its been a year already since we moved into our NEW Burlington Facility at 1550 Yorkton Court. This is a great facility that gives adequate room for holding a larger inventory and providing in-house diagnostic & repair services.  We also have ample room for processing sample parts with any of our various Marking Technologies.  We also have a show room that gives you the ability see all of the actual equipment and view hundreds of samples from past projects to fully understand the scope of capabilities associated with each technology.
If you are looking to implement a new product identification process and you are able to visit our Burlington, Ontario facility we encourage you to give us a call and schedule a visit.  Many of our Custom Part Marking Services are also processed at this facility also.

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., specializes in helping the manufacturing industry obtain better identification on almost any product using one of the following products and/or processes:

  • Steel Stamps & Individual Character Inserts
  • Custom Engraved Steel Stamping Dies
  • Holders, Tooling & Fixturing
  • Stamping Presses
  • Custom Hand Stamps & ID Punches
  • Marking Inks (Industrial & Aerospace Grade)
  • Manual Electric Etching Systems
  • Manual Air Vibro Etching Pens
  • CNC Scribe (Scratch) Marking Technology
  • Computerized Dot Peen (CNC) Stamping Systems
  • Electro-Chemical Etching Equipment, Accessories & Supplies
  • VIN Etch Stencils for Acid Etching on Glass
  • Custom made Metal Signs & Nameplates
  • Custom Part Marking Services
  • Custom Cut Stencils in a variety of materials
  • Laser Marking Systems, Accessories & Services
  • On-site Laser System Training & Repair
  • Laser Sintering Services

For additional information or call our offices at (905) 639-0909 or e-mail to have a member of our technical team assist you with your product inquiry.