S73XNW Aerospace Grade Marking Inks

S73XNW Aerospace Grade Marking Inks for the marking of Aerospace Components as per various Aircraft Component Part Marking Specifications. 
Millennium Signatures carries fresh batches of the S73XNW Series Marking Inks in stock. We carry these Inks in Black, White and Red and other colours are available but need to be formulated upon request.
These Marking Inks are sold in 16oz containers. 
The corresponding solvent used for thinning the ink and clean-up applications is called S73XNW and it’s also maintained in stock and sold separately in 16oz containers. 

Maintained in stock at both our Buffalo NY, USA and Burlington ON, Canada locations. Datasheets and certifications available upon request.
Custom made RUBBER STAMPS and dry ink pads are also available to suit.

Contact our Part Marking Specialists by phone on our main inquiry line at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at info@millenniumsignatures.com

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73XNW SERIES MARKING INK & RECONDITIONER – Fresh Batches maintained in stock in BLACK, WHITE and RED

73XNW Marking Inks & Solvents
Fresh batches of 73XNW Marking Inks + Reconditioner maintained in stock at both our Burlington ON CANADA and Buffalo NY USA facilities

Millennium Signatures maintains stock of fresh batches of 73XNW Series Aerospace Grade Marking Inks. These products are often required by specification to be used when marking some Aerospace components. We maintain fresh stock of three (3) colours including BLACK, RED and WHITE. We also have the corresponding Reconditioner (Solvent) which is used for thinning the ink or clean-up applications. Millennium Signatures also manufactures a variety of other Solvent and Water Based Inks for various Marking Applications, specializing in direct and off-set line printing applications such as Tube Mill and Extruded Products Marking.

Contact our Technical Sales Team today at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at info@millenniumsignatures.com for more information.

683-3-2 and 683-3-2 Clear Polyurethane Protective Coatings for Aerospace Components

Polyurethane Top Coat

S73X- NW Aerospace Grade Inks & Clear Polyurethane Top Coat

Fresh supplies of Aerospace Part Identification Inks & Protective Coatings are maintained in-stock and available through Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc.
Refer to products 683-3-2 and 683-3-20 Clear Polyurethane Topcoat for Aerospace component part application and also our S73X-NW Series Marking Inks and Reconditioners.

683-3-2 and 683-3-20 Clear Polyurethane Topcoat products are available in either 1.5 or 3.0 Quart Kits.

S73X-NW Aerospace Grade Inks are available in BLACK, WHITE and RED.  They are sold in 16oz containers.  S73X-NW Reconditioner is also supplied in 16oz containers.

Contact our in-house Sales Engineers for more information by contacting our head office at (905) 639-0909 or e-mail us at info@millenniumsignatures.com.  Specification sheets are available upon request.