What to know about 73X and 73XNW Series Aerospace Grade Marking Inks.

This is our most versatile marking ink. For the past 20 years, it has been used by leading aircraft and space component manufacturers for general purpose marking. In space applications, the out-gassing characteristics are extremely low.

When applied properly, the ink meets or exceeds the performance requirements of G.S.A Specification: A-A-208 TYPE I

Supplied by Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., they are shipped from Buffalo, New York in the USA or Burlington, Ontario in Canada.

This product is classified as a “Dangerous Goods” product and in some cases will require some additional fees to cover costs associated with the special packaging, labelling, documentation of the product above and beyond the transportation fees themselves. This is unavoidable in a lot of cases

Along with the Aerospace Grade Marking Ink which is available in a variety of colours, but always maintained in stock in BLACK, RED and WHITE if the 73XNW Grade “Reconditioner” which is the corresponding solvent which should be used to thin the 73XNW Series Marking Inks or used in Clean-up Applications. It is not a requirement that both be purchased, they are sold independent of one another, but it is recommended that you have Fresh Reconditioner on-hand if you are using the Marking Ink.

The base of this Marking Ink is Ethyl Alcohol. This is NOT a two-part Marking Ink. It is ready to use right out of the bottle unless it should need to be thinned out some using the Reconditioner to suit your application.

When stored in a cool place in a sealed container it is stable for a minimum of one (1) year. However, periodic exposure of this ink to the air will cause it to become more viscous (thicken). The addition of the 73X Reconditioner will thin the ink back to a suitable consistency.

Room Temperature, humidity and ink film thickness all may have a significant effect in drying time. 
On average, however, the ink when applied with a rubber stamp and pad will dry to the touch in approximately 6 minutes.

Since this ink is NOT compounded with any toxic or harmful acids, it is non-corrosive on Aluminum Alloys, Magnesium, Stainless Steels, Titanium or many of the exotic Space Grade metals.

It is recommended that the use of a Rubber, Cloth or Linen Type of Stamp in combination with a Stamp Pad is best. All of these items are available through Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., and Custom Stamps can be shipped out within 24-48 Hours. 
Call (905) 639-0909 or e-mail our Part Marking Specialists at info@millenniumsignatures.com for more information. 
We are here to support your inquiries and can offer more detailed information about how best to apply your ink markings and get the best results!

73XNW Marking Ink is available in BLACK, Yellow, Silver, RED, Blue, Green, Orange and WHITE. We typically only focus on maintaining fresh batches of BLACK, WHITE and RED in stock at all times. However, if the other colours are needed, we can have them ready for shipping within a few days.

For all your 73XNW Inquiries, please contact our Part Marking Specialists at Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. 
T: (905) 639-0909
E: info@millenniumsignatures.com
W: millenniumsignatures.com

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683-3-2 and 683-3-20 Clear Polyurethane Protective Topcoat for Aerospace Applications

683-3-2 Polyurethane Topcoat
683-3-2 and 683-3-20 Clear Polyurethane Protective Topcoat for Aerospace Part Marking Applications

Millennium Signatures wishes to remind all Aerospace Component Part Manufacturers that we stock fresh batches of 683-3-2 and 683-3-20 Aerospace Grade Skydrol Resistant Clear Polyurethane Top Coat Kits. The difference between these two (2) products is the dry time. These products are often used as per Aerospace Specification over top of Part identification and other coatings as a protective barrier. An extra level of protection against Skydrol and other environmental issues. Millennium Signatures offers these products in 1.5 and 3.0 Quart Kits. Due to some restrictions on how this product is shipped, there may be additional charges for Shipping and Handling depending on where the product is being shipped to geographically.
The Slow Dry Formulation is Part # 683-3-2. The Fast Dry Formulation is Part # 683-3-20. The Curing Solution is Part # X-310A and an available Thinner properly matched for use with this product is Part # TL-59.
MSDS / SDS Documentarion and Certificates of Compliance are also readily available for these products.
Keep in mind that Millennium Signatures also supplies the 73XNW Aerospace Grade Marking Inks and matched 73XNW Series Reconditioner used for thinning the ink and as a solvent for clean up applications. We also make and sell Custom Rubber Stamps and have Dry Ink Pads available for use with these inks.

For more information, contact our Technical Sales Team by phone at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at info@millenniumsignatures.com

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