NEW Sign & Nameplate Technology



Millennium Signatures offers a unique NEW Technology called LASER SINTERING. It is particularly effective on Stainless Steel and Aluminum components and plates. Laser Sintering is now most commonly used in making durable high contrast, Signs, Plaques, ID Tags and Nameplates, Dataplates etc. This process can also be used for many Custom Part Marking Applications.

Laser Sintering essentially combines the high accuracy and efficiency of High Power Laser Marking with a special ceramic based coating that actually bakes itself into the cavity simultaneously as the high powered laser carves the image into the material with razor sharp precision.

It is ideal for very precise work such as Instrument Panels, Dials or Gauges and/or Plaques where the results need to be sharp crisp and black. Cosmetically it is a very impressive process, however it also stands up to even the harshest environments given the depth of the marking and the way the colour is actually embedded into the material using the intense heat of the laser.

The benefits of this process over the Deep Etch & Fill Process that has been more commonly used up until this point is that the Laser Sintering Process has proven to be a faster, sharper, less labour intensive process and is entirely computer controlled allowing for variable information to be easily changed from part to part. This process allows machine readable codes such as Linear, 2D Matrix and UID codes to be integrated into plate artwork and result in extremely high levels of readability.

The other strong benefit is that it is much more cost effective to produce low volumes and even singles by comparison. The only real drawback to this NEW process is that we are ONLY capable of producing a Deep Black imaging on the Natural, Brushed or Polished Finish material at this time. Unlike our Photo-Resist Deep Etch & Fill Process which uses an epoxy to fill the etched cavity. We are capable of using many different colours to in this process, in some cases we can even offer multiple colours as part of one image.

This NEW Technology has proven to provide exceptional results consistently and at lower prices than ever possible before and for these reasons we are proud to offer this process as a Millennium Signature Series Product.

Applications include:

  • Indoor / Outdoor signage
  • Dataplates for Transformers & Electrical Hardware
  • Dock Identification Plates for Yacht Clubs & Marinas
  • Instrument Panels
  • Electrical Panels
  • Awards

Benefits include:

  • Higher (more consistent) Contrast
  • Sharp Imaging
  • Greatly Reduced Lead Time
  • Significantly Lower Pricing

We have several other Sign and Nameplate Technologies, be sure to contact our Customer Support Team at (905) 639-0909 or for more information.