Fume & Particle Extraction Systems designed for Laser Marking applications

Running a business these days, there is always so much to do…
If your are going to do something, you might as well do it right the first time and put that task successfully behind you.

Millennium Signatures believes in this and therefore strives to offer quality products that will perform to the highest standards and last for years and years. One of our products that we recommend highly is our series of Fume and Particle Extraction Systems designed for use with Laser Marking Systems. Our Fume & Particle Extraction Systems are extremely well constructed, compact and easily repositionable. Most importantly they are very quiet compared to anything else on the market.

The benefits of having good Fume & Particulate Extraction extend beyond just the health of your operators and the local working environment. Having adequate removal of the metallic dust and residual byproducts left from the Laser Marking or Engraving process is very beneficial to the heath and longevity fo your Laser System and computers etc. Protect your investment! Fume and Particle Extraction systems and UPS Battery Back-up Systems are always good ideas to ensure your Laser Marking System remains operational and performing at peak levels year after year.

Our systems sit at a height 38.5″ or (97.79cm) off the floor and have a width and depth of just 17.0″ or (43.18cm) square.
These systems are easily positioned behind a marking system or beneath a work table and provide a heavy duty soft pliable tubing that extend out to connect to your Marking enclosure or lasing platform. The tower itself is easily accessible for filter maintenance and changes and is mounted on a quality industrial locking caster wheel which makes reposition of the system effortless.

Our systems run off standard 110V circuits and they are powerful offering complete suction control through the digital interface located conveniently near the top of the system for easy access. Our systems can also be provided with a lead connection that can integrate with your Laser Marker allowing it to turn on and off with the Laser System itself.

We have these systems on display and in use at our Burlington, Ontario Facility. Please contact our Sales Engineers to arrange a visit or call (905) 639-0909 or e-mail us at info@millenniumsignatures.com for pricing and additional information.