2D Code for Tool Tracking

EMBED DOCUMENTS PERMANENTLY ONTO YOUR PRODUCT for fast easy reference by the manufacturers or their customers for the life of the product.

Embed a DOCUMENT or DRAWINGS right onto you part permanently!
Using the equipment we sell or our in-house Custom Part Marking Services, we can show you how we have the ability to permanently etch a small 2D Code onto your parts that can hold incredible amounts of information (pages and pages) of specifications, drawings etc., which is accessible from almost any typical smartphone in seconds. Imagine having the capability to take a cutting tool you’ve been using for a couple years in the palm of your hand and pulling your smartphone from your pocket, essentially taking a picture of a small square code permanently etched onto your part to instantly reveal the original Bill of Sale for that component or maybe a Drawing showing the original Spec Sheet for that tool or even a Manual on how to use it!  Perhaps all three in a PDF File that appears instantly on your Cell Phone or Computer. It does not matter how old the tool is or if it is oily or greasy from years of use. Wipe the part clean and retrieve your information in seconds. Give your customers this incredibly fast, reliable and super convenient accessibility to with your products.

This technology is here. It’s affordable and it works flawlessly. Our team at Millennium Signatures are specialists in this type of product identification and traceability.
Its possible to permanently etch these codes successfully into almost any material.  Contact Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., for more information.

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