Jeff_Guenther QR Code

QR Codes, 2D Matrix, UID Codes and of course traditional Linear Barcodes!

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. specializes in Marking Technologies that not only allow Human Readable information to be permanently and professionally marked on your parts, but also all the machine readable code symbologies that are now available...
Machine Readable Code Technology today is amazing! By scanning the QR Code shown below you will immediately be able to access all of my information. You will have my contact details, photograph company website and even a direct link to my Facebook and LinkedIn pages using your smart phone in a matter of just a few seconds.

You can download free apps to your phone which will scan this code right off your computer screen or a printed document.


A free download we strongly recommend from the app store is the  i-nigma QR Code Reader.

Now… Consider that Millennium Signatures can supply your company with the technology to Etch or Stamp these codes directly onto your products which when scanned can provide pages of detail such as Users Manuals, Specifications, Safety Instructions, MSDS Data or virtually any other data onto the computer screens or cell phones of the user that scans that code instantly!
Think the value of these codes is amazing on paper, imagine the value of one of these codes permanently etched using Galvo Driven Laser Technology right onto your metal or plastic components.
We also supply leading edge Computerized Dot Peen Stamping Technology which will provide a very durable 2D Code also.

Detailed data for a specific part that is always carried and accessible with that part at all times. Once this catches on it will be everywhere. It makes getting important data fast and reliable.

Contact Millennium Signatures and consult with our Technical Sales people to learn more about the capabilities of embedding extensive amounts of detailed information within a single 2D machine readable code etched permanently on your products.
We can provide you with both the Marking Equipment and the Scanning Technology and SHOW YOU HOW!
Its easy and works amazing!

Contact our offices at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at