Custom Parts Marking

In addition to providing a variety of hardware solutions to suit manufacturing in-house product marking needs, Millennium Signatures Marking Systems also provides the service of Custom Part Marking your products to your required specifications for you.

Our most popular service is our Laser Part Marking Service. Depending on the application, we use technologically advanced Nd:YAG or CO2 Laser Marking Systems to provide incredible high precision permanent marking results on virtually any surface or material. 

Between the quality high precision capabilities of this Laser Technology and the advanced knowledge and skill of our system operators we are capable and accustom to working to tight tolerances and specifications as required for some applications. It is often the case that we will be required to work to specific marking (engraving) depths and/or locating and variable data specifications. The Laser Marking Process not only offers computer-controlled efficiency and graphics capability but also provides extremely professional looking results. 

Laser Technology is by far the leading process of those few processes available that allows you to permanently mark Machine Readable codes such as Linear and 2-Dimensional (Matrix) Barcodes directly onto a part without affixing less permanent options such as Labels or Nameplates. Given that this Laser Technology is still very expensive and the purchase of such equipment for some may not be an option, Millennium Signatures Marking Systems can process these parts for you and get them back to you quickly with professional results. 

In addition to the Laser Marking Process, Millennium Signatures Marking Systems also provides this same Custom Part Marking Service for the following processes: 

  • Electro-Chemical Etching
  • Impact Stamping
  • Roll Marking
  • 2D and 3D Engraving
  • Dot Peen Marking