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Scorpion and Vereo Class IV Lasers designed for integration into various marking applications or as Class I Systems
So much is NEW in Laser Marking Systems & Workstations

Millennium Signatures is pleased to offer a complete NEW line up of Scorpion Rapide Lasers including the New ZEP (Extended Performance) line for 2014.
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The Raptor Series Air-Cooled Lasers remain mostly unchanged in 2014. They still have the best beam quality of any Laser Marker in the industry and are available in the 5-Watt (Raptor I) and 10-Watt (Raptor II) models.
The Scorpion Rapide Series Air-Cooled Fibre Laser Technology is now available in a 20-Watt, 38-Watt, 50-Watt, 70-Watt and 100-Watt models. The 20-Watt and 70-Watt are also available in the ZEP configuration which gives deeper and even more versatile marking capability.

There have been huge advances in the standard workstations available in 2014.  The New EMS Series Marking Enclosure provides a new look and lots of new features.

The EMS-100 is the smallest member of the EMS Series and is designed for entry-level applications where smaller components are being marked.  This workstation requires a basic lab jack to be used for focus adjustment and is a safe Class I solution ideal and cost-effective for basic marking applications.  The EMS-200 is an exciting NEW 3-sided Pneumatic Door design that is a medium-size member within the series.  This design offers excellent access to the marking area from three sides.  The system also offers a Key Access Interlock System Override that will allow the system to operate under controlled conditions with the door in the open position.  This is ideal for those periodic applications when long or oversized components need to be marked but will not fit within the marking enclosure.  The EMS-200 is also equipped with a 300mm Precision Programmable Power Z-Axis and can also accommodate such extras as our ZD-30 or ZD-80 Rotary Attachment for Circumferential Marking applications.  All of our workstations are equipped to accommodate Fume Extraction devices as well.

The EMS-300 is the largest member of this series and it is a large free standing system which offers maximum versatility in terms of part size and available extras such as Precision Programmable X/Y Tables, Rotary Attachments, Indexing Shuttles and more.  The MS-300 has removable side panels which can accommodate longer components in a Class IV configuration and is standardly equipped with a 300mm Precision Programmable Power Z-Axis with the option of being upgraded to a 400mm travel as well.

All of these EMS Series Workstations are made from heavy gauge materials and are exceptionally well designed for safety, throughput, and versatility.

EMS-100 Workstation (Small)

EMS-200 Workstation (Medium)

EMS-300 Workstation (Large)

Watch the video below to see the NEW Scorpion Rapide Series Laser c/w EMS-200 Marking Enclosure perform.

Laser Marked Part
In this video, we have used a 20-Watt Fibre Laser (Scorpion Rapide II) to laser mark a very small (2.5cm long) component with an incredibly accurate radial scale consisting of graduations placed every 2.5 degrees and with numbers placed adjacent to the graduations that indicate every 10 degrees. The video illustrates the actual marking speed (2.5 Seconds) followed a few moments later by a replay of the marking process at a slower speed.

The overall cycle time to complete the marking of these parts to the specified tolerance specified by the client was 2.5 seconds per unit for marking time plus whatever time was required for the manual loading and unloading of the parts.

Using a 163mm Flat Field Optic you could load as many as 36 of these pieces into a system at one time and mark them all in a single pass in approx. 90 seconds.  Using our 254mm Flat Field Optic you would be able to load as many as 98 of these same pieces at one time and mark them all in a single pass in approx 4 minutes.  There are also many ways to automate such a process using Programmable X/Y Tables, Rotary Indexing Tables, Linear (Shuttle) Feeders and Conveyors etc.  For more information, contact our Technical Sales Team at (905) 639-0909 or email us at

In addition to our own extensive experience with the manufacturing of Laser Marking Systems, Millennium Signatures has found Electrox built Laser Systems to be exceptionally high performing, reliable and cost-effective systems and fully endorses this product. Millennium Signatures is the Exclusive Canadian Representative for Electrox Laser Systems and provides full after sales service and support on all systems.

We are proud to announce that due to an exceptional track record Electrox Built Laser Marking Systems are given our Millennium Signature Series Product designation.

Laser Enhancement Solutions

Laser Marking Systems Model Specs

Scorpion Rapide Spec Sheet – PDF
Scriba Model Spec sheet – PDF
Scorpion Rapide – PDF
Minilase XL Datasheet - PDF

Advantages of Using Laser Marking

"an amplified beam of light, focused to a very small spot, to create a wide variety of images – very much like writing with a pen on paper"

Indelible Permanently – modifies the surface composition of the material
Clean and Safe – No inks, acids or solvents
Wide Range of Materials – Metals, plastics, rubber, etc.
Flexible Text, Graphics, Logos, Bar Codes, etc.
User-Friendly Software Driven
No Tooling to Wear – No direct physical contact with the workpiece
Cost Effective – Virtually no consumables

Popular Plug & Play Options:

  • A variety of Standard Class 1 Enclosure with various sizes and features to choose from (Custom Sizes also available)
  • Laser Focus Finder Attachment (Optional)
  • Plug & Play Rotary Attachments for circumferential marking applications
  • Multi-Position Rotary Tables and Programmable X/Y Tables of various sizes
  • Super Quiet Multi-Level Filtration Fume & Particle Extraction Systems

  • Capabilities Depending on Hardware Combinations Chosen:

  • Marking depths from mere surface discoloration to potentially as deep as 0.010” (0.245mm) in most metals
  • Small Character Marking – Capable of clean character generation starting at 0.004” (0.101mm) character height
  • Light gauge cutting and welding possible depending on materials and specifics of the requirement
  • High quality marking results even on hard and highly reflective materials
  • Laser Types Offered as Part of our Line-Up Include:

  • Lamp Pumped
  • Diode Pumped
  • Fiber Lasers
  • Ultraviolet
  • EF Technology
  • CO2

  • All of our Laser Models Offer the Following Features:

  • Air Cooled Designs
  • Standard 110V / 220V Electrical Requirements (North American / European Standards)
  • High Speed / High Precision Galvanometer Based Beam Delivery System
  • Application Testing
  • Compact Power Supply with Integrated G2 Controller Design with Remote Pendant
  • All of our Laser Models can run on the same Scriba III Software
  • Built-in Linear Barcode and 2-Dimensional Matrix (Machine Readable Code) Creation
  • Full Vector and Bitmap Graphic Capabilities
  • True Type Fonts Compatible
  • Easy interchangeability of F-Theta Flat Field Lens Assemblies
  • Small, lightweight compact design make systems easily transportable
  • Self Calibrating
  • Laser Diode Tracer
  • Fume Extraction Port standard on all enclosures
  • Exceptional Cost of Ownership
  • Unmatched reliability

  • Laser Systems and Marking Results