Dot Peen Marking

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This equipment/process is also known or commonly referred to as:

Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems, Pin Stamping Machines, Dot Peen Stampers, Pin Markers, Peen Marking Systems, Dot Peen Markers, Pin Stampers, Computerized Stamping, Low Stress Marking, Indent Stamping, Metal Marking Systems, Part Marking Equipment, Marking Equipment, Marking Systems, Computerized Indent Stamping, Stamping Devices, Computerized Markers, Indent Coding Systems, Indent Marking Machines

Features of the MS10030 FA & MS10030 SA

  • Excellent Design
  • Very Robust Components
  • EXTREMELY Cost Effective compared to other existing system designs
  • Available in both Air and Electric Driven Solenoid Designs
  • Various Size Marking Fields Available
  • Universal Mount Heads designed for System Integrations
  • All systems can be used with or without a computer
  • FA Series Controllers offer a removable SD Card Media
  • FA Series Controllers include a retractable built-in keyboard
  • RS-232 Communication
  • Incredible repeatability
  • Sound Reduction and Dust Covers available
  • Proximity Sensors on Both X and Y axis
  • A variety of Marking Stylus’ available for specific marking results
  • Reinforced COG Belt or Ultra High Precision Ball Screw Designs available
  • Available to meet North American and European Electrical Standards
  • Super Fast!!! Up to 5 characters per second (Based on 2mm Character Height)
  • Scratch Marking versions of our marking heads are also readily available
  • Fully Serviced & Supported out of Burlington, Ontario Canada
  • Replacement parts and services in stock
  • Complete turn-key marking systems available

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Computerized Scratch Marking version of the same systems are available!