Onsite Laser System Service and Support

Laser System Support, Alignment and repair
Laser System Support, Alignment and Repair

On-Site Technical Support

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., now has 23 years experience building, integrating and servicing galvanometer based lasers primarily used for marking.

Technical Support
Laser System Technical Support

Millennium Signatures Technicians have expertise servicing several different types of lasers and have in-depth training specifically on Canadian Laser Technologies, Electrox, Lee Laser and GSI-Lumonics built systems.  We manage a large inventory of Krypton Arc Lamps, Particle Filters, D.I. Filters, F-Theta Lens & Optics in addition to various other consumable and commonly replaced items on a number of the more popular models.

Our technicians can come in and access your equipment and help you to resolve problems and maintain your system properly minimizing potential down time.

Millennium Signatures services many Lamp Pumped Nd:YAG Lasers, Diode Pumped Lasers, Fiber Lasers (Nd:YV04) and many Galvanometer based CO2 Lasers as well.

Laser Marking System
Laser Marking System