Fabric Stencils

Long Life Fabric Stencils

Our Long Life FABRIC STENCIL product is custom manufactured to suit your marking applications by Millennium Signatures Marking Systems. The Long Life Fabric Stencils are made using a unique photographic process that produces the required stencil artwork onto a very durable almost plastic like fabric sheet. The artwork capabilities with Fabric Stencils are much more advanced than what can be produced using the Paper Stencil product.

Customers can supply their own high quality MS-27DF FABRIC STENCILdigital artwork or they can have artwork made to suit by our in-house Graphic Artwork Department. The artwork can consist of pretty much anything from a Logo to a Schematic Diagram. The quality of the final image will be far superior to what could be achieved with a Paper Stencil due to the sharpness and fine details of the image that can be maintained when processing the stencils using a photographic process.

Long Life FABRIC STENCILS are best suited for applications that require the marking to be exceptionally cosmetic or attractive to the eye and/or in applications where the same information is going to be used over and over again for large quantity of pieces or different products on an ongoing basis.

Millennium Signatures is capable of producing these sheets made to order in pretty much any combination of sizes up to a maximum of 10” X 10”. You can produce thousands of conventional surface markings (0.0001” – 0.001”) with each image on the sheet (regardless of sheet size). Fabric Stencils are NOT recommended for Deep Etch applications as the life of the stencil will be dramatically reduced due to the amount of current (Voltage) that is required to pass through the stencil and the heat that is generated as a direct result.

The way that the Fabric Stencil are produced allows the stencils themselves to be priced based on sheet size as opposed to the number of images on each sheet. Therefore if you purchase a Fabric Stencil sheet that is 2-1/2” wide X 7’ long and you have an image that can fit comfortably on that sheet three (3) times down the center of the sheet (as in example below), you can easily achieve thousands of high quality surface etch impressions per image (Example A). In some cases it might be more beneficial if you require a few different image sizes to suit various different sized parts, you could purchase a single sheet with the artwork requirement located as many times as possible on that sheet in the different sizes that you require. In either case the price would remain the same as the sheet size has remained consistent. (Example B)

exampleA exampleB

The number of images on the sheet is determined by the size of each image and adequate space left around those images. There has to be enough insulating fabric around each image to ensure that the Monopad and Carbon Head Assembly does not come in direct contact with the surface of the part or a black marking (smudge or smear) could be etched permanently on the part around the image itself.

To prevent this there has to be a reasonable amount of insulating fabric around each image somewhat limiting the number of images that can be produced on each sheet size.