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Laser Marked Stereo FaceplateLaser Marking SystemsMillennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., has over 23 years experience working with Laser Marking and Light Gauge Laser Cutting applications. The use for this type of equipment is far reaching and has given us experience marking everything from back-lit buttons for car dashboard and interior controls to Semi-conductors and Circuit boards.

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems has even pioneered the use of lasers to mark sand as used for the casting of Engine Blocks in the Automotive Industry. We have worked with some pretty challenging and unusual applications over the years with considerable success. Millennium Signatures has the ability to assess your application and provide a detailed system quotation to suit your exact needs.


Many companies these days build a generic system which meets a number of basic criteria and this is often attractive because pricing can be kept to a minimum, but often many issues are overlooked until the system is in place and operational and the clients finds themselves unable to resolve certain issues. Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., represents Electrox Built Laser Systems and Accessories and while the quality of the product is excellent and pricing is effective, Electrox does not just provide generic pre-configured packages, but gives Millennium Signatures the ability to draw from that vast number of diverse applications in the past and build you up a system that will meet all of your needs. At Millennium Signatures we put together each quotation custom for each client based on an assessment of their specific needs.

Ten (10) Things to Consider when Buying a Laser Marking System

  1. What materials do I plan to mark and what type of Laser do I need? CO2, Nd:YAG, Nd:YV04 (Fibre) etc.
  2. Will I be using this system as a standalone process or integrated into a production line or as a part of other processes?
  3. How much laser power will be required to adequately mark my parts in the desired cycle time?
  4. Do I need a Fume Extraction System? Will any dangerous byproducts be produced as a result of lasing?
  5. Will I need a standard or custom enclosure to protect the vision of operators and those working around the system?
  6. What size marking field will I need to mark all the required information efficiently and without repositioning the part?
  7. Will I need to mark around the circumference of a part?
  8. How will I manage the material handling of the parts? Manual Feed, Programmable X/Y Table, Conveyor, Rotary Table
  9. Who will provide efficient and cost effective on-site service for your system should the need arise?
  10. Will the working distance from my output optic to the marking surface of my part be constant or subject to change often?

Pricing & Cost of Ownership

The pricing for a Laser Marking System depends on many factors as outlined in the ten (10) points listed above.

Generally speaking, a company can get into a High Performance Galvo Driven Laser Marking System for as little as $30,000.00 and if a more powerful laser is required and additional accessories or integration are required the pricing could get upwards of $85,000.00+ potentially. It is all a function of what the application requires.

The lasers we offer today are state-of-the-art development. They are air-cooled and compact and will run off 120 VAC.

Aside from a very modest current draw and the eventual replacement of a diode pack many years down the road our systems do not require any additional consumables. There are no filters to replace, there are no Krypton Arc Lamps to change. There is no water system to maintain. The systems are extremely reliable and you just plug them in and enjoy thousands of hours of uninterrupted marking. When it comes to cost of ownership, many studies have been done and illustrate that there are no other processes with anywhere near the capabilities of Modern Laser Technology that come anywhere close to matching Electrox designed & built Fiber Laser Systems.

Laser Safety

The use of Lasers today has proven to be a very efficient and safe technology and the cost of ownership on these systems quickly justifies any initial investment, however If you are NEW to the use of Laser Technology you may want to consider becoming familiar with the ANSI Specification Z136.1 “American National Standard for the safe use of Lasers” or consult with one of our technicians on what to know when owning an industrial Laser system.

As a member of the American National Laser Institute, we have publications of this specification available for sale if you should choose to be properly equipped with the documentation.

A full range of Laser Safety Eyewear is also in stock and available through Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc.

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