Universal Models

MS-80100 Dot Peen Universal

MS 80010U

MS 80010U-B Dot Peen Marking System

MS 80010U-B

MS 80010UDot Peen Marking- interchangeable Heads and Controllers

Any one of our marking heads can be used on a bench top with an adjustable base & column, or be mounted Universally in to an automated cell of some kind or ultimately you can get it in a Portable Model that always the marking to be applied manually but with the versatility to carry the marking head to the part and position it manually as desired. However, they need to be ordered for the application they suit. In other words, it is NOT possible to convert a Universal Mount system to become a Portable Style System on-site. Despite so many similarities, they are different.

The MS 80010U represents a Universal Mount Marking Head. This head is available in a couple of different sizes, but the Universal Mount Heads can be integrated into existing automated assemblies in virtually any position.

Note: All marking heads require a controller to operate them.

We have two (2) different controllers which are available which may or may not be present in all photo’s, but it is important to know that for each marking head there must be either our FA or SA Series Controller present .

MS-10030-FA Series Full Capability Controller

MS-100 Controller


MS-200 BN Controller


2D Dot Matrix with Dot Peen Marking