Having as much as 35 years experience evaluating production marking Custom Marking, system integrationrequirements and building Automated Marking Solutions for all types of Custom Applications, Millennium Signatures Marking Systems is able to visit your facility to evaluate your marking requirements and its relationship to your production processes and share our knowledge of the most efficient, economical or technologically advanced methods available to solve your product identification issues even if the recommended or required processes are not standard Millennium Signature Products.

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems has built strong relationships with a large variety of Product Identification Systems related companies around the world and maintains an extensive product & performance knowledge of what is available out there and the companies that can best assist with the integration, service, and support of these solutions.

At Millennium Signatures we have done the research for you. Furthermore, we have worked closely with the everything from the most simple and effective processes to the latest most advanced technology that is available out there and the various suppliers to be able to advise you best on what really works!