Bench-Top Models

MH-80 Marking Head

Dot Peen Marking- interchangeable Heads and Controllers


Complete with MCU-100N Controller and Start/Stop box

Millennium Signatures offers Computerized Dot Peen Marking Technology in a three primary configurations, those being Bench Top Marking Systems, Hand-Held (Pistol Grip Style) Portable Markers and Universal Mount or Integrator Series Marking Heads.  We offer systems that are equipped with either Air or Electric Driven Solenoids.  The Bench Top Systems are available in the very precise Reinforced COG Belt driven design or the even more precise and ruggedly built Ball Screw driven design. 

Within these two different system types, there is a range of marking field sizes available.

Dot Peen Marking Head

MH-80 Marking Head

High Precision Reinforced Cog Belt System Design
Available Marking Field Sizes include:
Model MS-054 – Marking Field is 50mm (X-Axis) x 20mm (Y-Axis)
Model MS-080 – Marking Field is 100mm (X-Axis) x 75mm (Y-Axis)
Model MS-115 – Marking Field is 115 (X-Axis) x 105 (Y-Axis)
Model MS-250 – Marking Field is 250 (X-Axis) x 250 (Y-Axis)

Ultra High Precision Linear Ball Screw System Design
Available Marking Field Sizes include:
Model MS-085 Ball Screw – Marking Field is 80mm (X-Axis) x 50mm (Y-Axis)
Model MS-100 Ball Screw – Marking Field is 110mm (X-Axis) x 75mm (Y-Axis)

MS-200BN Controller

The Millennium Signatures Model MS-200BN Mini Controller is the latest controller to be developed.

It is a standalone controller which has computer link capability but does NOT require a PC in order to control our marking heads. It features an independent mini keyboard and it has a large LCD screen (240mm X 128mm) making it easy to input and modify your data.  This controller is designed to work in operating temperatures up to 50 degrees C without any additional cooling.

This controller is packed full of functionality and is equipped with USB connectivity and a read/write SD Card making it easy to back up layouts and transfer data without a PC connection.

For additional information, contact one of our service representatives.

MS100 controller

MS-100 Controller

The Millennium Signatures Model MS-100N is still our best selling controller world-wide.

This controller has all the same features and capabilities of the MS-200BN Controller, but it is also designed for integration to existing automation and handles communication with PLC’s and I/O using RS-232 & 422.  It has a built-in (slide out) keyboard.  This unit has proven to stand up to some very hot and dirty environments and runs around the clock with excellent performance and longevity.

The MS-100N is the controller that is used to control the Rotary and Hex Marking capabilities of our brilliantly designed Rotary Marking System as seen below.

For additional information, contact one of our service representatives.

Rotary System - 300X200 Website

Rotary System

Rotary system

MS-80100 Rotary Marking System

The Millennium Signatures Computerized Dot Peen Rotary Marking System is a brilliant design which allows of our marking heads to be used with the extremely robust positive locating slide and rotary drive. Circumferential / Hex Marking is done quickly and easily. 

There are several design features in our rotary marking system that separates us from the competition.  The positive locating slide is a huge benefit allowing you to switch between rotary marking and typical flat surface marking and back again in seconds without any alignment issues. 

Secondly our Rotary Systems come standard with heavy-duty steppers that can support more weight and larger diameters.

Dot Peen Marking TipsVarious Styles of Marking Tips & Nose Cone Assemblies available

Stylii and Nose Cone Assemblies for Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems

There are several different styli that can be used with all of our Marking Heads. 

There are two different series of marking styli and nose cones consisting of the “LP” Series and the “PH” Series.  These styli perform differently and can offer different marking results as required for some marking applications.  They not only vary in the type and depth of the marking but they also vary in length allowing you to get marking down into hard to reach areas for example.

Arranged according to short stroke, precise lightweight marking to longer stroke heavier penetration deep marking capability.  The standard range of marking tips is as follows:

LP Stylii Series includes:  LP-03LP-06LP-10 and the LP-15

PH Stylii Series includes:  PH-16  (Varidot Style Marking)

Contact a Millennium Signatures Service Representative for assistance is choosing the right components for your specific application(s).