Model 9300 Imprinter

MS 9300 Stencil Imprinter

The (NEW) Model 9300 Series Stencil Imprinter is manufactured by EPSON a world leader in the manufacture of Dot Matrix Printers. This HEAVY DUTY Printer has been equipped with a Custom Modified Print Head and Ribbon Assembly giving it the ability to impress high quality images on our Die Impression Stencil Paper Products (above). This Stencil Imprinter connects to any PC via Parallel Port Connection and operates as a slave to any application software. This NEW design operates quickly and quietly allowing high-quality stencils to be created on demand. The computer-driven Model 9300 Series Stencil Imprinter offers many features that would otherwise be impossible using a standard typewriter for creating your stencils. While a standard typewriter can be very effective for the most basic applications, you are limited to text sizes, straight-line imprinting and no ability to imprint graphics among others.

Model 9300 Series Stencil Imprinter – Benefits

  • Speed and efficiency
  • On-screen error correction
  • Allows variable information to be input from databases
  • Computer-driven allowing for all the benefits of saving layouts and auto serialization etc.
  • Imprinter allows for vector based graphics as well as text to be imprinted together.
  • No need to learn any new software, use an existing commercially available software you are already familiar with

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