Model 9700 Imprinter

Model 9300 and 9700 Stencil Imprinting Systems
Millennium Signatures offer two (2) Stencil Imprinting Systems which will work on our entitre range of Stencil Papers for both Glass and Metal Etching

The NEW Model 9700 Stencil Imprinting System is designed for more demanding applications where the best possible character generation is required, in the case of particularly small characters and/or logos’ etc.

The Model 9700 Stencil Imprinter comes with CUSTOM Stencil Imprinting Software that is designed specifically for the our Standard Roll sizes and makes various tasks such as Variable Information, Sequential Numbering, Graphics & Logo’s, Circular or Arc marking or the creation of 2-Dimensional Barcodes (UID/Matrix) very quick and easy to do.

The Model 9700 Stencil Imprinter is supplied complete with CUSTOM Stencil Printing Software and Paper Feed Stand designed to accommodate our standard rolls of Stencil Paper. This Custom Paper Feed Stand is also available for sale on its own for those who wish to add it to their existing system or purchase it to accompany our Model 9300 Stencil Imprinter.

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