Electrolytes and Neutralizers for Chemical Etching
Millennium Signatures Maintains a huge inventory of various Marking Electrolytes in both our Burlington ON, CANADA and Buffalo NY, USA facilities

All of the Electrolyte Solutions manufactured by Millennium Signatures Marking Systems are completely safe to use. The solutions are all based on a mild sodium solution and do not contain harsh chemical or anything acidic or corrosive. All formulations have continuously updated MSDS sheets available.

While the solutions are said to be non-corrosive as they can be safely handled and not pose respiratory threat or danger when in contact with the skin, there is the potential that the surface area of your part in close proximity to the location of the mark could develop light oxidization. This is directly due to the sodium content of the electrolyte and this oxidization effect can be nearly undetectable or more advanced based on environmental conditions. This side effect of the process can be completely prevented by the proper use of one of our Neutralizer products that when properly used will instantly neutralize the sodium in any traces of the solution that may be left on the surface of the part after marking. Though who are new to the process and/or those who have failed to properly neutralize their parts after marking may find that this side effect is more noticeable during times of the year when higher levels of humidity are present.

Special Applications and FormulationsElectrolyte

Within the Aerospace & Nuclear industries specifically, there is an application for special formulations that are required, such as NON-CHLORIDE Electrolytes for example. We have detailed information available on a variety of such formulations. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales office and inform us of any special applications that might require such formulations and we will be happy to help you in identifying the proper Electrolyte for your specialized application.

Laboratory Tested & Certified

If required, we can not only produce your electrolyte to meet your specification in most cases we routinely provide the service of having batches of a specific formula analyzed and certified at an independent Laboratory to confirm that the solutions meet industries specific needs.

To have this service provided additional costs would apply.
For more information on Neutralizers and Rust Protective Solutions, click here or visit the support section of this website and download the complete Chemical Etching Literature Package that provides additional information.