Basic Etching Kit

A standard “Basic Kit” Configuration consists of the following items:

  • Power Unit
  • #200 Wire Cord Set (3ft) Consists of a Black & Red Lead
  • 50150 (1/2″ X 1-1/2″) Carbon Electrode
  • H-100 Stainless Holder to suit 50150 Carbon Head
  • O-Ring Retaining Clip
  • Alligator style grounding clip
  • One (1) Package of 50150DE Double Felt Monopads 10/Pkg
  • One (1) Litre of General Purpose X4R-411 Marking Solution
  • One (1) Litre of Standard Neutralizer (Post Marking Solution)
  • One roll of our HD-2100-TF Deep Etch Stencil Paper 2-1/2 wide X 100ft long BLUE or GREEN
  • Complete MSDS Documentation
  • Basic Operator Instructions


Our Deep Etch Marking Kit

is identical to the description given above only it will definitely be based around one of the following Power Units 

MS-311 Deep Etch Power Unit
MS-510 Semi-Automatic Deep Etch Power Unit
MS-550 Digital Semi-Automatic Deep Etch Power Unit

Deep Etch Kits also come complete with the following:

  • A longer set of wires (6ft) in length
  • A much larger Ground Clamp.
  • A bulk package of 100 Double Felt Deep Etch Monopads

Our introductory kits are designed for the first time user and are identical to a Basic Kit as outlined above only it includes a Model 9300 Stencil Imprinter.