Laser Sintered Metal Signs & Nameplates

Custom Laser Sintering
Custom Laser Sintering for High Durability Metal Signs and Nameplates

Millennium Signatures Laser Sintered Sign and Nameplate Product is an exciting option for many of our customers.  This exciting process which is unique to Millennium Signatures uses state-of-the-art laser marking technology to engrave into Stainless Steel or Aluminum and not only creates a razor sharp image in the material to a depth of approx. 0.004” but also heat cures a black ceramic solution into the cavity which delivers a higher contrast and very even matte finish fill against brushed or polished finish product.  The limitation to this process is colour.  Millennium Signatures unique Laser Sintering process is limited to creating a Black image on Stainless Steel or Aluminum, however if this will meet your  requirements there are several benefits to this newer technology which are worth consideration.  Laser Sintering is a completely computer generated process.  There is not as much labour involved and the set-up is overall less extensive than  with other plate processes, this allows us to turn your projects around faster and more cost effectively.  The Laser Sintering process is considerably more cost effective specifically when it comes to low volume applications for this very reason.  If your application should only require a single plate or less than a dozen pieces, you should definitely investigate if our Laser Sintering

This process could work for you!

With the exception of colour, the finished nameplates1results provided by this product are in many ways similar to our Photo-Resist Deep Etch & Fill Process only the fill is a ceramic based additive which is heat cured or essentially baked into the cavity of  the metal at a similar depth of approximately 0.004 This creates a cosmetically pleasing product that is extremely durable and both time and cost effective to have produced. The other addition to this process is that we are not limited to  marking flat plate with this product. This technology allows us to mark a large assortment of product sizes and shapes.

Despite this process is also ideal for Nameplates and ID Plates and is commonly being requested by those in the oil and gas industries and Pressure Vessels and Custom Fabrications business, this process also is excellent for signage.  We often sell this large signage made using this process for around Office Towers, Underground Parking Lots, Elevators, Shopping Malls and other public areas where durable signage is required.   Due to the fact this process is entirely computer  generated and does not require films or masters to be created as part of the manufacturing process it lends itself to being particularly effective for applications that require variable data to be changed in various fields as well as sequential  serialization or the integration of linear or 2D (UID) Machine Readable Barcodes. Over the past 7 years, our Laser Sintered Plate Products have been come one of our best selling products.

It is ideal for very precise work such as Instrument Panels, Dials or Gauges and/or Plaques where the results need to be sharp crisp and black. Cosmetically very impressive but will also stand up to even the most harsh environments given the depth of the marking and the way the colour coating is actually embedded into the material using the intense heat of the laser.

The quality of the plate is very comparable to our Photo-Resist Deep Etch & Fill Process given that you obtain clean even depth into the material with a consistent high contrast colour essentially baked into the cavity.

Laser Sintering- Nameplate Marking

The benefits of this process over the Deep Etch & Fill Process that has been more commonly used up until this point is that the Laser Sintering Process has proven to be a faster, sharper, less labour intensive and is entirely computer controlled allowing for variable information to be easily changed from part to part.

The other strong benefit is that it is much more cost effective to produce low volumes and even singles by comparison. The only real negative to this NEW process is that we are ONLY capable of producing a Deep Black imaging on the Natural or Brushed Finish material at this time. Our Photo-Resist Deep Etch & Fill Process uses an epoxy to fill the etched cavity of the image. We are capable of using many different colours to in this process, in some cases we can even have multiple colours as part of one image or one plate. It is our hope that the technology will continue to develop so that this same process can be used to produce colour in the future.

This NEW Technology has proven to provide exceptional results consistently and at lower prices than ever possible before and for these reasons we are proud to offer you this Millennium Signature Series Product.

Perhaps your best option for things such as Outdoor Signage, Plaques, Awards and Instrumentation Panels.

  • Sharp Imaging – Highest Quality Results
  • Greatly Reduced Lead Time
  • Significantly Lower Pricing