The Model MK-250 / 200BN Large Field Plate Marking System c/w Ball Screw Driven Precision

The MK-250mm X 250mm Bench Top Dot Peen Marker is ideal for Populating Nameplates

MARKING NAMEPLATES has never been faster, easier or more cost effective!
Millennium Signatures has a very diverse line of Marksman Series Computerized Dot Peen Marking (Pin Marking) Systems for every application, but our Model MK-250 is dynamic when it comes to populating variable data on NAMEPLATES! The MK-250 is a Ball Screw Driven Design with a very large Marking area of 250mm x 250mm which is particularly versatile for marking a wide range of common nameplates of various materials. The MK-250 does mark component parts with considerable ease and precision also which often helps justify this equipment should your volume of nameplate Marking alone not be too high.
These systems will provide precision formed characters to a depth of at least 0.004″ in almost any material including hardened steel. The system is also very effective when marking plastics.
All of the Marksman Series Markers will provide precision formed characters of whatever size you choose permanently into your material at speeds of 5 characters per second. All our systems will also provide alpha-numeric text in different fonts, symbols, graphics (logo art) and 2D Barcodes of various industry specifications which verify with incredibly high readability.

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