Fume & Particle Extraction Systems
Fume & Particle Extraction Systems for use with the Laser Marking process

COMPACT FUME and PARTICLE EXTRACTION SYSTEMS for use with your Laser Marking Systems

Millennium Signatures has a great selection of Powerful, Compact and perhaps most importantly QUIET operating Fume & Particle Extraction Systems which are perfectly suited for use with our Electro-Chemical Etching and Laser Marking Systems. Our systems have been carefully designed to provide controlled extraction of both fumes and debris or particulate that is a by-product of the Laser Marking process right close to the source. All of our systems have been designed to contain the extracted contaminants in a multi-stage filtration system which is good for the environment and intended to run continuously (100% Duty Cycle) so you need not worry about burning out motors or other damage due to long run times.

We have a few different models, but some of the features that are available on our systems include:

  • Compact Size
  • Quiet Operation
  • Integrated ON/OFF communication with Laser System Software.
  • High Capacity Filters allowing several years between changes in most cases.
  • Our systems effectively handle the extraction of Particulate also which is not often the case with most other extraction systems.

When most people think of the need for an extraction system it is usually for reasons of the health and safety for the systems operator, as it should be.  However there is another very strong cost saving advantage to our extraction systems that is that they also aid heavily with the health and longevity of your equipment.  It’s very common with Laser Marking / Engraving Systems that are used for long or continuous runs Marking products will certainly create some particulate by-product in many cases a metallic dust that will take its toll on optics, cooling passages, electronic circuits etc. A clean system is a smooth running, trouble free system for years and years to come. Our Fume and Particle Extraction Systems have proven their worth many times over throughout the past 28 years and we can arrange to add to your existing system(s) or include as part of a new upcoming system purchase.

Contact our Technical Sales Team at (905) 639-0909 or inquire by e-mail at info@millenniumsignatures.com

With facilities in Burlington, Ontario CANADA and Buffalo New York, USA we are here to serve all your Part Marking and Traceability requirements. 

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