Track your products starting from RAW materials
Are you mandated to track your products, starting from stock material?


Within several industries today, there is a mandate to identify your raw materials as they come through the door and maintain tractability of that material throughout the manufacturing process and ultimately the finished product. Information such as supplier ID, Heat Numbers, Batch Numbers, Hardness etc., has become vital information to keep track of. Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., with locations in Buffalo New York, USA and Burlington, Ontario CANADA specializes in Part Marking and Traceability solutions. Now in his 28th year, Jeff Guenther (President & Owner) has built Millennium Signatures to support the needs of manufacturing in various different industries including Aerospace, Nuclear, Machine Tool, Medical/Surgical, Automotive and a wide range of specialty products. We have 25 years experience specializing in Galvo Driven Laser Marking Technology, 27 years experience supplying and supporting Computerized Dot Peen Marking Technologies commonly referred to as Pin Marking, Computerized Stamping and/ or Pin Stamping and over 50 years combined experience with the Electro-Chemcial Etching process.

Over the years we have also come to inventory and supply various other Part Marking related processes such as Pneumatic Vibro Marking Pens, Electric Arc Etch Marking, VIN Etch Stencils for Marking Glass, Custom Marking Inks & Solvents an so much more. Millennium Signatures has become a highly specialized one stop source for Part Marking Technologies, Accessories and Supplies.

Given the diverse range of experience and capabilities Millennium SIgnatures offers today, we are ideally suited to assist your company in developing a Part Marking and Traceability Program for you Manufacturing Facility that will allow you to identify Raw Material as it enters your plant and maintain quality marking on your parts throughout your various processes and ultimately the final product permanently upon completion. Among our many product offerings is a host of Portable Marking Solutions as well that make these tasks so much easier!

We are can assist you in getting the variable data to your parts, permanently marking the data onto the parts in either Human Readable or Machine Readable format such as Linear or 2D Matrix coding and also provide you with the scanning technology allowing you to recapture that data quickly and effectively using the very latest in Code Scanning and Decoding Technology.

Millennium Signatures is no stranger to integrations and can assist your company with the process of integrating our products into your automated processes. Many of our Marking Technologies have the ability to communicate via a multitude of different ways with external computers and PLC’s etc. Contact us to discuss what technology might be best suited for your application and how we can help you stream line the process giving you a fast and efficient way to maintain a detailed history on each and every part you produce.

For more information, contact our Technical Sales Team and tell us about what you are looking to do. We can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:30am til 4:30pm at (905) 639-0909 or anytime by e-mail at