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In today’s manufacturing world, properly identifying your products is more important than ever. The creation of the ISO and QS type Process and Quality Control programs that are now increasingly expected to be implemented by manufacturing operations is just one of the many reasons why it is critical to have a versatile and reliable means of marking your product. This ensures that beneficial information can be found and easily obtained when needed, despite having been exposed to abusive wear and tear or severe environmental conditions, etc.

If you are looking to advertise your company by permanently identifying your products with a Company Logo and details; critical Safety Specifications or looking to make product handling and traceability more streamlined with the implementation of Machine Readable Codes and Scanner Technology, Millennium Signatures Marking Systems specializes in various methods that allows you to permanently and professionally mark your product regardless of the materials used.


NEW Boqx Laser System
Excellent permanent marking solutions that are clean and safe, marking a wide range of material with a user-friendly software driven system. Laser marking is a cost-effective permanent marking solution.

Pot Peen Marking Systems
Dot Peen has been designed to offer the flexibility and benefits of dot marking technology in a low cost, simple to use package. The build quality and mark precision are second to none for this type of machine.

Electro-Chemical Etching does not cause distortion, sharp indentations, or unbalance in delicate parts. This process is widely accepted as a modern and economical way to mark on conductive metal surfaces.

Custom Part Marking
Our most popular service is our Laser Part Marking Service. We use technologically advanced Nd:YAG or CO2 Laser Marking Systems to provide incredible high precision permanent marking results on virtually any surface or material.


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